Thursday 19 February 2015

Leaner, Meaner Stash

It's time, or past time, to consider what we need our house to do for us. The kids are long gone. Our work and interests have changed. What do we each really need to work effectively in our small house. I realized that I need a room with a door. Most houses have plenty of doors but not ours. My husband needs light and space. This means we need to consider what would be the best use of each and every room. Does the bedroom need to be in this particular room even though it has the biggest closet? Does the living room need to be only for watching TV in the evenings? Can I get rid of furniture and stuff I've been given?

Where can I put my stash??!  AARGH. Moving it means I actually have to take a good look at it. Don't you hate that?

Stash, what's it made up of? Something has to go. I have a big basket of sock yarn. That's OK, eventually it will get used. Small batches of yarn I've picked up along the way. Hats, cowls? Garbage bags of yarn people give me so it goes to a good home?? Bits of partial balls and odd balls?????

The dilemma begins. I must have a leaner, meaner stash. I need to keep yarn to knit for fun and yarn for designing. Prioritize, I've heard that word somewhere before. Time to put it into practice.

Yarn bowl, is this a solution for all those odd bits of yarn? I could make quite a few!

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  1. WHAT A GREAT IDEA I just love your 'yarn bowl'. I love it so much that I've bookmarked the recipe & the blog for future interest. And the Stash?? I'd just buy another couple of huge storage bins, stack them in the corner, cover with an afghan & call them 'furniture'. And get that door.


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