Thursday 5 February 2015

Onward with Blue

I couldn't abandon my blue even after this, which I have done not once but twice now.
It's finally coming together, at least on this optimistic morning I think so. I took out the side ribbing and put the back ribbing higher up on the back. Satisfied with both those changes.

Continuing with the design, I want A-line shaping down to the hips and to expand the pattern on the Back and Fronts as I do this. Easy enough to do but harder to write out. How do I make this work easily for the knitter? I decided that I should link up the shaping increases and the expanding pattern to the buttonholes so you have some reference point. But I was having trouble counting ridges between buttonholes myself and I know what I want to happen, this is not acceptable. So backing up again, to a minor rip back of 6 sts in the Front Panel so I could put a garter stitch pattern inside the garter stitch rib pattern.
Now there are 6 sts in regular garter stitch in the middle of the garter stitch rib pattern. The ridges over the 6 sts are easy making it easy for the knitter to place the next buttonhole inside these 6 sts. Mission accomplished. Now to tie the shaping to the new easily worked buttonholes. Onward.
P.S. Hi Sharon, started this with the collar. Was getting a little frustrated with the ripping but really glad I did it. It's not so bad once the decision is made. Kind of a relief actually.
P.S.S. Liz, glad you're enjoying this. I'll think of you smiling as I rip back, ha, ha. I know you know what this is like.

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  1. I'm thinking of you as I rip out the waist shaping of my Fusion cardigan for another go. You may enjoy this link a computer science prof/friend sent me. See


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