Friday 14 October 2016

Yes, they're plastic

Do you find yourself apologizing for your knitting? "It's only a dishcloth." "It's only a plain sweater." "I'm only a beginner."

I do this with my sock needles. I'm working on my latest (3rd) pair of StashBuster Socks and my double pointed needles are plastic. I like them. A lot! They are the cheapest needles I can buy but I really, really like them. They're bendy and I'm hard on my double pointed needles that way. They're warm in my hands while I'm using them. They are slightly tacky so the stitches stay put.

OK, this is the kicker, they're coloured! My current set of dpn's are blue. I have a set of larger needles that are yellow and red. How cheerful is that.
They are not the slickest, fastest, most super duper pointed needles. But they're blue! I rest my case.


  1. My old plain white Bryspun circulars were soft and not "trendy" like some of the more expensive ones I have purchased.I liked the way then bend and conform to my hand, BUT they got so ratty that I had to put plumber's sealing tape on the join . It was a common flaw in that needle design.They still sell them, but I still use my old faves every now and then..plumber's tape and all. I guess I am not trendy.t_a

  2. Your post made me laugh. I have a whole Pringles tube full of plastic sock needles that I bought at second hand stores about 17 years ago when I got back into sock knitting. I was able to buy them for 25 cents a bundle way back then!! I have mostly green, yellow & red ones. I have no idea who made them - probably Susan Bates - but they're all like you describe, warm, bendy & just 'sticky' enough to make knitting socks comfortable. My only complaint is that they get brittle with age. I ended up with bamboo needles in the end because bamboo doesn't break but is still warm & very bendy. I don't even want to tell you how many Brittany Birch sock needles I snapped!! And, I'm working on another pair of the Stashbuster Socks myself - in all shades of blue, grey & black.

  3. AH - I love plastic too. Must be a child of the post war oil rich years.


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