Thursday 21 December 2017

Fish Lips Heel

Are you ready? All my sock presents are done, yay, so I started one more pair since I wasn't going to do "the Christmas thing" until after the holiday and now have time. I thought I would continue to explore different heels.

I'm knitting Queen's Castle socks which are toe up with a wrap & turn short row heel.
And this time I substituted in the Fish Lips heel which is also a short row heel but uses Twin Stitches instead of the wrap and turn.

I did the heel over 60% of my sock stitches instead of 50% which I think is used in that pattern. This gives me a higher instep and more room for the heel. If you find your socks are straining at the ankle you could try this with any short row heel.
I like it very much. I find the Twin stitch great to do even on dark coloured, fine sock yarn although it is a little more of a trick after a long day.

This is the beauty of learning lots of heel methods. I and you too, are free to sub in any of them at will, to add variety to sock knitting.

Have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. See you on the other side,

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