Friday 1 December 2017

Printed Spiral Striped Socks

I'm deep into Christmas knitting. Maybe you are too. I'm knitting socks and am on my third pair and on the home stretch with the second sock. Then I'm done. Whew, before the big day too. I'm patting myself on the back as I knit (makes knitting a bit awkward).

This was the first pair.
This a printed sock yarn (Comfort) and knits up beautifully. I had a second ball but didn't want to do exactly the same thing so I decided to Spiral Stripe it and see what happens.
It's the same printed wool but striped with navy. One stripe in printed wool and one stripe in a navy solid from my stash. I'm so happy with this. It changes the effect of the printed wool so much.
I used the same method as the Stash Buster Socks  which uses 3 colours but here I used 2 colours and only the switched colours in one spot. I've written about the technique in another blog which I call Spiral Stripes. In one sock I changed colours at the side of the sock and on another sock, in the middle of the back of the leg. It didn't seem to make much difference to the sock. The line you see in the centre of the photo is the dpn line which will disappear on washing.

I happen to have several 50g balls of different sock yarn in my stash. I think there will be more of these stripes socks in my future.

I hope your Christmas knitting is going well. What are you knitting?

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  1. I love your Stripey socks!! I have lots of single balls of multicolored sock yarn in my stash too - so I stole your method. I bought several balls of navy, red, hot pink & dayglo orange & have been using a solid with any multi-colored ball. While NOT identical in any way, using the same solid makes them close enough that even the people who want their socks to match, are happy - especially with the pink or blue solids. I even made a small hat or two with the same method!! Happy Sock Knitting.


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