Thursday 25 January 2018

Up to my Knees

I'm moving along on my new sweater but it's very slow. To continue with my swimming in cold water metaphor, I'm up to my knees. I'm not totally committed yet. I can still turn back.
There are several things about this new cardigan that I like. I like the garter stitch sleeves and back. I don't think I will make the back garter stitch the entire length, only the yoke. At least that's what I think now. That could all change of course.

I like the eyelets on the front.
My concern is the size of the front which will not be apparent until I have knit a couple more inches. It might be too big. There lies my trepidation and slow progress. It could, maybe, possibly, be the exact width that I want it to be, right? I'm going to be optimist and knit a little bit further. Wish me luck.

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