Thursday 17 January 2008

I Survived another TNNA show

Here we are at the office in Long Beach California. It's just like home. Inside you will find every kind of sweater and knitted garment you could ever wish to see. There were several fibre companies from Australia and South America. There are more entrepreneurial women in this building than you could every imagine, young women selling beautiful bags, late bloomers selling patterns and books (that would be me) and lots and lots of fibre. Knitting is still alive and well.

There is no water in that pool but there are open air corridors which is unheard of here. The snow might have something to do with that.
Flowers, can you believe it! And green grass and people walking around in short sleeves - not me of course because you just can't trust that warm weather, it's January people!
And saving the best to last. This is Karen, a finisher with the Alamitos Bay yarn store, wearing a Ripples Top and it was beautiful. (I think I caught her winking at me.)
It was a good show, met lots of people and got a new pair of reading glasses . Now I have several pairs of superior readers. Thanks Becky.
Back to work. Just putting the finishing touches on the lace socks and it will be time to think up some new stuff.
I did get a couple more goodies but I'll show you tomorrow with pics.

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