Monday 27 October 2008

It's so close ...

Almost there now! Both (frustrating) sleeves are done and now working on the bottom of the sweater. The sleeves were frustrating and satisfying at the same time. I wasn't best pleased by the number of joins in the two balls used for the sleeves (5 joins in one and 4 in the other). Not only were the joins too many but they were fairly close together which meant that I felt I should rip out the joins so re-knit the same 2" on the sleeve top of the right sleeve way too many times and the bottom cuff of the left sleeve has too many joins for my taste but gave up on the ripping out just to be done!
The satisfaction comes from the fact that the sleeves fit me perfectly. I am so pleased with the ability to try on the sweater and believe me, it's been on and off and on and off. It's really easy for a chunky weight sweater to be too bulky in the sleeve or, after you've done the decreasing, look too tight. Yes, the one sleeve did get ripped out multiple times but I am very pleased with the result.
I made a slightly longer sleeve than usual with a long rib cuff. I want it to bell out slightly at the bottom so used the body sized needle. I think once it's blocked it will shape itself but I can always give it a little hand.
And yes, Sammie, I am writing the pattern as I go. Mind you, I still need to knit it again myself, then have it test knit ... pattern checked ... it'll be a while yet :)


  1. Love the sweater and especially the colour. What yarn are you using? Can I be a test knitter?

  2. The sweater is great! I love the colour too. :) Glad you're writing this down! I think a lot of knitters are gonna want the pattern. Very wearable sweater, for jeans or skirt. Love it! samm

  3. With winter approaching fast your sweater looks nice and toasty. It's beautiful.

  4. This sweater is turning out to be really lovely! I'm hoping the pattern will be available soon. I love being able to download your patterns from Patternfish. It is so handy to be able to print them out from your computer.



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