Friday 24 October 2008

Kawartha Hooks and Needles

The Kawartha Hooks and Needles Guild asked me to come to their guild. And a terrific group they are. They asked questions as we went along. And afterwards brought over some knitting projects where they needed a bit of help. I am so happy to demonstrate a technique because words quite often are not enough and nothing duplicates the hands-on experience.I went through a basket of samples, even took my socks off and passed them around. I was in a quandary about patterning socks so posed the question: When you put a pattern on the centre top of the foot, should the pattern look correct to the knitter looking down at their own sock as it's being worn or should the pattern look correct to the casual observer of the sock? The vote was very close but the "knitter looking down at their own socks" won. Must be some sock knitters in the crowd, Thanks.

I'll keep my next quandary until next year (yes, they're asking me back, yay!). I'll be coming earlier in the fall with the Hat Booklet which will be out then, so they can get started knitting hats for their Christmas charity hat drive. It's exciting to know that the new hat project will be helping people in their community.

Thanks Wilma and Mildred,


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  1. It was such a pleasure to meet Lynda and Deb! I'm looking forward to seeing you both again next year, and of course getting my hands on those hat patterns.


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