Friday 31 October 2008

major stall

I can't believe it. I have hit a major stall on my education project with hand painted wool. When I painted half of my living room floor last weekend I CLEANED UP. Note to self, I should never, never do this again. I have lost the second wound up ball of my blue hand painted wool. I have looked everywhere I can think of and even searched some places it could not possibly be. There is no second ball of wool.

Do I continue with the first sock knowing that it will show up some time? Do I abandon the wool and start with something else? Do I think that pattern was working anyway?

I'm just not sure about this one. Maybe it's the universe telling me this one is not working out. Maybe the knitting muse has taken that ball away until I can be trusted to do something better with it?

The pattern does show up more without the colour to distract one. But the point of hand painted wool is that the colour is wonderful, right? So back to the drawing board.

I know I didn't throw it out, a perfectly good ball of lovely blue on blue wool, I couldn't have could I? Could it be in the bathroom? I'm always leaving my glasses in there. How about the basket by the door? I should check every corner because those balls do roll.

Excuse me, I have some more searching to do,



  1. Well it's not at my house, 'cause I would have noticed that beautiful blue! I like the pattern in the sock. With a foot in it it will show even better I think. I'd leave the sock as is, until the other ball shows up. But that's just me. Of course I generally knit single socks anyway.... Gotta get some made before it's cold! Good luck finding the yarn! :) samm

  2. I am sooooo glad I'm not the only one with these problems ....

  3. This happens to me too. Did you check the kitchen cupboards? Maybe you popped it in there, perhaps in a bowl or a mug, to keep it paint free? (don't ask how I know this.......) Good luck with the hunt.


  4. I just found my scissors in the fridge - you're not alone.


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