Friday 16 July 2010

Elizabeth asked what my secret is for getting so many socks done. The secret is a DEADLINE. Yup, end of the month all the socks go to the photographer. We have variations on the 3 basic sock patterns in the book. So first I have to have one sock for every variation and then I can add some more because . . . there are so many more stitch patterns I could add in !!
One more sock - done.
My husband had it on for a minute but not enough time to catch him with the camera. My camera is working, sort of. I jammed a toothpick into the side of the shutter so it stays open. Sooner or later my lenses is going to get scratched but it's lasting a little bit longer.


  1. A toothpick? Be careful of that lens, Deb. The sock looks great, even without a foot. I need a deadline for the current sock, still not at the toe decreases. But my gardens are looking better....

  2. I really like that pattern. Much better than the cable that I used in the past and it looks just as good, or even better.


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