Wednesday 14 July 2010

The pile of socks grows larger.
And by tomorrow I will have 2 more to add. A baby sock which Brenda mailed to me today and a mock-cable sock I plan to finish tonight. I'm definitely back in the sock groove. After knitting a chunky sweater the first couple of socks were a bit of a shock to the system, going from a 6.0mm down to a 2.25mm needle is extreme. But now the new normal is the 2.25mm needle and I'll probably have a sock on the needles until into the fall now. Socks are so wonderful because of the diverse stitch patterns which can be worked into them. A simple traditional sock and a stitch dictionary and I am happy to knit for months. Although I have been informed today that I need to knit 2 toddler sweaters in between the socks. Variety is good too.


  1. Welcome to the sock fetish club. I must admit that I like to knit two matching socks, or at least two that are similar, I do wear unmatched socks as you know!!!!! That book is a lot of work but what could be better than knitting socks.

  2. Wow, what productivity! I've been knitting on the same sock for days--ripping, knitting, ripping...You get the picture. What's your secret?


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