Monday 26 July 2010

I have been knitting socks pretty much full time, at least all my knitting time has been spent on socks. Two more done for size 11 feet. Lots of stitches.
My husband said they felt great on, even in the summer heat. So he'll get these (I'm a sucker for a few kind words) after they get photographed. I may have to get him to model them too.
But I'm not the only one knitting away. My mom has knit several pairs and Brenda sent me some more socks in the mail.
Fun ones too. Thanks Brenda.
I think I have 3 more socks to knit. I bet you can't wait to see them. Ha.
But I do have a life outside of socks and here's proof. My dad, my husband and I built a deck last week.
Yes, there are tools other than knitting needles. Who knew!

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