Friday 17 December 2010

I'm making progress but not too quickly. I have now turned the corner on getting my shoulder back in shape. But having to cut down on my knitting time is a bit frustrating. AARRGH.
Good new, I can try on the shrug now that I have passed the great divide. (Boy, this is a tricky business taking pictures of oneself!) And unfortunately you can't see the sparkle the silver makes but it's there.
I'm almost done the body, just a couple more rows to go and then I think it's going to get short sleeves.

So how is the Christmas knitting going for everyone? I'm not doing anything specifically for Christmas this year, or at least so far I haven't. There might be a short spell of panic knitting before the day though.


  1. I really like the lay of the collar and of course the sparkle.

  2. Cute shrug. Is it heresy to say that I try not to knit specially for Xmas? Somehow, it adds way too much pressure to the season to mix knitting deadlines on top of everything else! If I just happen to have a few things knitted months earlier and stashed away that's different somehow. If I don't have anything ready to go, I don't sweat it. I just a cup of tea and another gingerbread cookie.

  3. I like the collar and bands too. And normally I'm with Liz. No Christmas knitting but somehow this year I'm into it and under great pressure these last few days.


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