Thursday 9 December 2010

I've got a couple of things cooking at the moment, maybe too many. Besides the blue/black sparkly Top Down I have the baby project going too. I started on it again after I consulted with 2 Friends of Cabin Fever, Dana Gibbons who wrote the Buttons Cardigan and Bernice Vollick who wrote the Baby J, who are obviously wonderful baby garment knitters and convinced me to make the neck cast on a little bigger for my smallest sizes. So I cast on again and changed the ribbing to my favourite K2, P2.
I'll finish knitting this sweater in sock wool (somehow it looks much bigger here than it actually is - sock wool on 3.0mm needle) and then I'll try it again in a bigger size in a heavier weight of yarn.

I also have a sock going which is following the Fancy Sock set-up in the Need A Sock booklet . It's a step away from the sock patterns in the book although I'm still using the Sock Percentage System to work out the numbers.
I'm finding that this 6-stitch slip stitch pattern works really well with the very stripey hand-dyed wool. If you're interested in socks then take a look at the other socks being knit from the book on the sock KAL blog. If you are a sock knitter you may want to join us. Send me your email  at for an invite to blog along with us as we knit socks over the winter.

And now we have winter. It's odd isn't it that for lots of us it takes snow to make it winter. I think as long as I can wear my running shoes, even in below freezing weather, it's still fall. Some years it's fall until Christmas. But as soon as the snow covers the ground then it's winter. It happened over night this week, donning the winter boots makes it official, it's winter. The sock needles are now clicking merrily.

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