Friday 3 December 2010

I've recently been digging down to the bottom of my stash boxes and have found several UFO's which if I just took an hours or two could be finished. Here's one that I found which was finished except for the neckband. Not having any idea what lace pattern I used for the borders (I would have needed to write down what I did, not likely, ha, ha) I worked a picot cast off to match the bobbles on the bottom border. It's a UFO no longer.
This is my own adaptation of an early Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern which is now available from schoolhousepress as one of the Spun Out patterns. This one is the New Zealand Sweater, Spun Out #2.

I really liked the garter stitch yoke. This sweater starts at the bottom and you can see that the garter stitch yoke begins even with the underarm for the men. I started the short rows much lower so that the garter stitch yoke section covers my bust. It's a lovely sweater.
And best of all it's finished!


  1. I have to ask if Elizabeth ever found time to sleep.

  2. Wow! Those original EZ patterns are still the best. Congratulations for getting the job done.


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