Friday 1 April 2011

Here's the Ridgeway Lite sweater with a slight change. Janell took out the vertical patterning on the front at the request of the guy she was knitting it for. I think it turned out very, very well. Nice fleck to the yarn too. The ability to make adjustments to patterns really frees you up to make a garment that you might like better than the original. After doing this a couple of times you will be able to look at a pattern photo and see the possibilities that slight changes might give you. It will take you somewhere new.

This pullover is knit from the bottom up 'in the round' with Elizabeth Zimmermann's nalgar shaping in the yoke (raglan spelt backwards). In the Nalgar shaping you set up 4 markers just like a raglan yoke but the twist is that you work increases instead of decreases at these points. It's fun and weird and wonderful. You can read about this shaping in Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann, an excellent book and in Vogue Knitting Magazine Winter 2010-2011 in the article MEG SWANSEN ON: THE FOUR TOPS: For the final installment of her EPS yoke series, Meg spells "raglan" backwards.

It's a cool yoke shaping and can totally stump your knitting friends if they're not familiar with EZ's work. We have to get your jollies somewhere, right?

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  1. I think EZ might have been an astro-physicist or an architect or a Nobel prize winner in another life. What a brain! When I got an early copy of her first book, "Knitting Without Tears", I stayed up practically all night with it. Is it OK to admit that a knitting book might have changed your life?


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