Friday 29 April 2011

This is a new experience for me. One project. My bag looks very empty. Maybe monogamous knitters have smaller knitting bags.
Usually mine is filled with about 3 knitting projects, plus the obligatory 2 books just in case I get stuck somewhere, run out of knitting and need a book to read. Along with working on several knitting projects at the same time, not exactly at the same time you understand, I also read multiple books at a time too. I am currently reading a novel, a marketing book, a book of essays about artists and a book about writing. And although I am knitting the last baby sweater I also have a scarf in the queue right behind it, along with an adult sweater in chunky cotton and the second brown waffle sock. I'll work on all three of them over the next couple of weeks and finish my books too (I should mention that I don't have cable so don't watch TV at all).
Is this multi-ness normal?


  1. Absolutely! And I'm just waiting for an e-reader to come out with a scrolling text feature so that I can read and knit more easily at the same time.

  2. Yes, I think it is, which makes me abnormal. I read only one book at a time, since to do otherwise somehow disturbs my focus and enjoyment of that one. I work on only one knitting project at a time because I lose momentum easily and feel that I MUST stick with one project to the finish or I might let it go.
    Maybe what I really am is obsessive (scary thought!)

  3. "monagamous" knitters?? HAH - do you know any? and Lise, I use the books-on-tape/cd keeps my hands and eyes free. My mom and aunts used to keep a "workbasket" beside their chair in every room they spent any time addition to their "carry-alls" (how many years ago was that terminology used??)


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