Wednesday 6 April 2011

I’m on the road again and it’s coming up soon. If you’re in the Ottawa, ON area the Ottawa Knitting Guild is hosting me for a weekend of workshops on April 9 & 10. Ottawa Knitting Guild

On Saturday I’m going to be teaching “Designing for the Faint of Heart” which is based on our upcoming baby book. This should be fun with lots of creative juices flowing. On Sunday we’re going to throw all the rules of the raglan yoke shaping out the window and see what we can come up with. Always a favourite class for me because I love to play 'what would happen if '. And then we’re doing a 'Top Down that Fits' class. I have lots of ideas for that and some adult sized samples with some of my experiments.

After sewing on about 25 buttons I have a stack of samples to take and only one puncture wound to my finger. That's pretty good for me.
I think I'm done for tonight.

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  1. Hi, I'm going to be in Ottawa killing time all day Sat. Apr. 9 while Isabel visits Elmwood as an alumna. Guess I'll have to visit some wool shops and maybe go to a coffee shop with my knitting. Hope we both have good weather for the drive. Where will you be teaching?


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