Sunday 5 June 2011

My upsize sample is coming along. This is the second size for a finished 49" sweater.
I'm trying to get far enough along to try it on a couple of people so I can see how it looks. I'm also trying to get it done to get a photo. So today I am knitting, knitting, knitting and because of a quick trip to the library yesterday I have several audio books to choose from to keep me company. Yay. -Deb


  1. I just LOVE that stitch in the collar, Deb!
    What yarn are you using to get such great definition?
    Earnestly following the upsizing project.
    Also..You are such a fast knitter..are you continental,english throw or combination?

  2. I do audiobooks all the time while I knit. Recently, I treated myself to an iPod, which makes it easy to download books, both from the library and from I actually gave up our cable TV subscription and now put the same money into Audible downloads.


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