Monday 7 November 2011

I was retreating over the weekend.
It was lovely. There were lots of knitters cabling with Fiona Ellis and the next day we were picking up around the armhole with MaryPat. There was great food and a swim in the indoor pool. I roomed with Diane of Georgetown Yarns and had a visit with Elizabeth (who was knitting those very mittletts which are on her blog). Debbie of SheepsAhoy runs this great retreat and I wanted to send her a big thank you.

And that means the next event is our own Cabin Fever Knitting Retreat. It's coming up on Nov.18, soon, very soon. Have you been on a retreat? What did you especially love about it? Yes, I'm looking for ideas to make this retreat lots of fun.

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  1. Beautiful View, In November, in Canada, Awesome


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