Tuesday 1 November 2011

I should know better. I don't know many times I say that to myself! Once I change my mind about how I'm going to do something I should NOT try to jimmy what I started with. I should take a deep breath, rip out and begin again fresh (maybe the next day). Note to self.

What do you do when your knitting mojo has taken the bus out of town?


  1. When the knitting mojo goes south, I have plenty of other fiber things to do- weaving, rughooking, sewing, etc.
    There are always UFO's to catch up on!

    The sweater front looks great!!!

  2. It doesn't leave town. It just takes a little rest under your chair. It always comes back, usually when you least expect it. I find that mindlessly knitting charity hats usually brings it back.

  3. I take a major hiatus no matter what or all sanity is lost.
    BTW....love the sweater.

  4. It never seems to leave town, but sometimes it takes a little detour. I've just given up on my welted sweater because I really, really hate the yarn (an expensive wool/silk that's not living up to its price) and I'm finishing up some socks while I decide what to do. Love the purple yarn.


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