Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Purple seems to be the colour of the moment.
Finished the knitting but there is all that tidying up still to do. Purple colour of KnitEast wool by Fleece Artist.
And this yoke is awaiting further design decisions. It's the Plum colour of Regal by Briggs and Little.
A slight departure from the purple theme into Cranberry by Cascade220 for the Braids KAL.
But now I'm departing the purple realm entirely to go green.
It's Tadpole Naturally Nazareth by Kraemer Yarns and is more yellow than this photo shows. Anyway, green for the next one.

What colours are catching your knitting eye these days?


  1. Purple! Definitely Purple! I've been waiting for this one to be finished too. So where's the pattern & how much???
    And while you're at it, how bout one with a front yoke that ends just above mid breast like a camp shirt - I'm thinking one color or pattern for the yoke & another color or patterned body. A rounded shirt tail bottom is easy to make & an A-line body would round it out. I just thought you could use a new project . .

  2. I love purples and cranberry and ...will you look at the amount you have done on the Braids!!!!!! Fantastic! t_a

  3. Holy Doodle! It's a good thing that class on speed knitting was sold out. It would have been a waste of your money.


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