Saturday 30 June 2012

TNNA was great. You'll be glad to know that the knitting industry is ticking over very nicely. Store owners seemed happy this year and interested in what's new. The book seemed to get some interest, yay. Now that we're back we spent all day Thursday editing the Plus book. We're that much closer to getting it to the printer.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I've started a second vest.
My calculator is resting for a moment. It's been working hard figuring out all the numbers for the vest in worsted weight. I've already knit the Heavy Worsted version (see previous post). I've decided I'm going to write this pattern in two weights: Worsted Weight and Heavy Worsted weight. Your choice. This gives you two weights of yarn to find the exact colour and texture you want. And I get to knit two vests, yay, one summer (already done) and one winter (planning ahead).


  1. Welcome back Deb, Hope the calculator can take it. You are a busy designer and knitter.

  2. I'm in vest mode too (with my handspun!) Don't know how you get so much done.

  3. I'm laughing right now...thought I had given you enough time to post the vest pattern on Patternfish...LOL...guess not! I'm not rushing you or anything...just happen to love that vest! LOL!


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