Monday 16 July 2012

I'm trying some lace inserts for the sides of the vest. I've settled on 4.
I'm liking the second, third and fourth stitch patterns. But I'm going to try working the second one from the top. It's pretty and will go from 14 to 18 sts quite easily without changing how it looks. In this pattern the underarm cast on will be either 14 sts or 18 sts and that's where the stitch pattern is going to go. All the stitch patterns work great at 14 sts but the other three would take quite a bit of twitching to get the same affect at 18 sts.

I have my fingers crossed that this one will work fine and look terrific. Here goes . . .


  1. Awesome, home you are comfortable in this heat. MBK

  2. Sorry I made a typo, it should be Hope not Home. MBK

  3. It can be challenging to find a pattern that works upside down for top-down knitting. When I was planning Brookline, I realized all at once that the "flower" became a "star" when turned upside down. Different, but equally nice. Stay cool.


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