Monday 1 October 2012

Buttons are on!!! I hope I can hear the applause. Ha, ha. I sewed these on so that I could avoid another job. Oh sorry but I HAVE to sew these buttons on, right now! Now it's a pleasure.
This is in a Heavy Worsted/Aran yarn,  Belfast by Kraemer Yarns in the U.S. and distributed by Cabin Fever in Canada. This vest has a ribbed panel down each side.
This one is in worsted weight yarn, W4 by Shelridge Farm, kettle-dyed superwash in the Wedgewood colour. Lovely to knit.
The lace pattern down the side was fun to do.
Now I'm checking the patttern and I need a better photo too. Next week it should be up.

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  1. They look great, Deb. Here's the rule. No housework for you until all your buttons are sewn on. How does that sound?


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