Friday 7 February 2014

I tried to do some testknitting for the upcoming book while I was watching at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (curling nationals) but it's way too difficult to send good vibes to the team and read and knit all at the same time. So I knit 15" so far on a sweater my daughter picked out at Christmas. I thought that was appropriate. (She's coming out of the hack in the photo.) Team Ontario didn't do as well as they had hoped, just below the middle of the pack in the round robin. But it's very exciting to be here and they'll be back another year.
I'm renting a table at Tim's coffee shop. The rates are terrific - $1.40 for a cup of tea and several hours of internet time! Can't beat it for an office away from home. For the non-sports fans, from here on in we will get back to regular scheduled knitting time.
- Deb in Montreal, QC


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