Friday 14 February 2014

Colour Knitting

This is the first colour knitting I've done in a very long time. It reminds me that skills can get pretty rusty. I do colour knitting in the two-handed method and since I am a Continental knitter my off-hand is my right hand working in the English throwing style of knitting. I do admire those of you who can do it so effortlessly because I am struggling a bit to get it back. This is yet another options in the Need A Circular Yoke book which we are working on now.

As I proceed I do have some 2-handed colour knitting tips:
1. Use a larger knitting for colourwork rows(rounds) if your fabric tends to pull in.
2. Always use your "good hand" for the background colour. This maintains a good sturdy background fabric and stops you from switching hands part way through your project. If you've ever done this you know it makes the fabric look very different (ask me how I know!).
3. Each time you change colour push the stitches just worked down the Right needle. This will make your floats nice and long.

Do you have any other suggestions to add?


  1. I use the two handed method as well but in reverse to you. I am a right handed thrower so carry my contrast colour in my left hand. I struggle to get a tension wrap on my left hand that lasts more than a few stitches. Perseverance is the cure, I think.

  2. Try one-handed stranded knitting. I do it right-handed, but Meg Swansen does it all in her left hand even more effortlessly (it's worth getting her fair isle vest video just for the great technique). I made the switch after years of two-handed knitting and it's so much faster. I only weave the second colour in if there's a carry of more than an inch. If I'm knitting something that requires significant weaving in, then I revert to the two-handed technique.


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