Saturday 15 February 2014


I've gotten a couple of teasing emails from friends suggesting that I no longer knit socks and let Deb do all the sock knitting for me! Well, I've got to defend myself don't I? I admit to not knitting socks at quite the rate I used to but I do still knit them. What am I working on now?
It's the #159 Sock Ridges by Deb. I really like the short row heels and the stripes mean I don't have to work at all to make sure my socks match. I'm using my (Shelridge Yarns) new sock yarn in black with a blue hand-paint. The new yarn is 80% merino and 20% nylon. I really like it. : ) And I really like how nice the socks are looking.
- Lyn


  1. I really like the small blue stripe in there but you knit socks with BLACK yarn?? Are you crazy??? You'll certainly go blind. But it sure sets off the blue very nicely . . .

  2. Hi Sharon
    I know what you're saying about knitting black socks and this is one of the few patterns I would consider in black! It's an easy three row rib between the colour changes so not a problem at all to work in black. And the black sure sets off the colour : )


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