Tuesday 12 August 2014

Can We Learn and Be Comfortable

We all know that learning can be uncomfortable. I don't remember school being all that comfortable lots of the time. If you are working at something you're really interested in it can be stimulating, intense, frustrating and confusing. But learning is still exciting and worthwhile. Frustration teaches us to put it down, pick it up the next day and try again, perseverance is necessary. How many projects have you gotten bogged down in, thrown in the time-out chair, only to pick them up and say this is not going to get me down. Who ever said that knitting is only for old ladies in rocking chairs didn't know what they were talking about. Those chair rockers know a thing or two! This is my mantra "I am the boss of my knitting. I am more able to handle life because I knit". YAY.


  1. I hear you Deb, loud and clear. I'm knitting the Gull Wing Half Pi shawl. I'm 5 rows from the end - no markers - no life line - I take each pattern row as a mantra and rest on the purl row back. I had to take out 3 rows - I was using my row 3 mantra on my row 1... LOL - put it down - leave it and come back to it later really works!!
    Back on track - the end is in sight!!
    Thanks for sharing, Karen

  2. For me, it's not so much about having mastery over something as keeping myself sane. I have a friend with a T-shirt that says, "I knit so I don't kill people". I can relate to that!

  3. Learning to knit in my older years has taught me determination, how to be creative and..THINK...how to 'play by ear ' and deviate from the written pattern exactly as written(Thanks Cabin Fever for showing what options one can create and adopt and dare to stray from the written page at times..like improvising, if ya get my drift).It has kept me sane as Liz also stated, especially over the past year while providing hospice care for Dad and the work afterward. Need a Top Down Circ is a major player now in that stage. I learn to frog and rip and knit again.Plunge hands in ice water and give it another go. Try on, and maybe a few inches has to be re-adjusted,.....BUT....... Eventually something beautiful made by and for ME emerges.


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