Friday 28 March 2008

Moebius guild

Our guild meeting was Wednesday night and here are the Moebius scarves which these conscientious knitters finished. You'll notice my absence in the finished catagory. They all thought it was an amazing thing to do and it truely is. We all cast on 120 sts and they all came out different sizes. But it will at least give us all an idea of whether to add more stitches or take some off for a second try. I still thing making a moebius shawl is the coolest idea.

We meet once a month and 8 - 10 of us go out for dinner before hand which is the most fun of all. At the last meeting I think we decided where we were going for dinner first and thought about the program for the meeting after. Was it decided - the program that is? I guess it will be a surprise.

My work since yesterday. The blob at the bottom of the photo is one of the original yellow yokes which was glowing so badly that I cropped it out.
I started with a fold-over collar but wasn't satisfied when I got it done so have gone back to the neckband idea. The middle strip has too many gray rows and ribbing at the base. Decided to change both of them to a thin edge of gray and no ribbing at the bottom of the neckband. The knit up yoke at the top is close to what I want. I'm going to try one more with 6 fewer stitches which will then be added into the neckband at the bottom. I wondered if it would be more snug looking with fewer stitches and possibly lie flatter. We'll see. If that works I'll continue with the yoke knitting tonight and write some of this up before all the bits of paper get confused.

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