Friday 14 March 2008

The Process Continues

I have been writing out my basic construction of this Top Down Baby V-neck cardigan for a week. This chart is the final outcome. I love this part. I love fiddling with the numbers and getting the sizing to work out and checking with other baby books for sizing and fit. The challenge for myself is to work out the neck shaping so that it's simple and elegant. It goes from something in my head, onto the paper, and sometime this weekend it will morph into something, some day, you will be able to knit.

This is where I start. This is a V-neck cardigan in 5 sizes from Preemie to 18 months. Each of the circles are needles with numbers of stitches on them. I start with the cast on and then a circle for the number of stitches at the bottom of the V shaping, again at the Divide For Body and Sleeve Row, and then 2 circles for the number of stitches on the Body needle and the sleeve needle. It's very straight forward and I can write my pattern from this format. I have spent most of the afternoon making a rough pattern like this. It has lots of ??? and red lines where I have to fill in more numbers. But it's starting it's transformation.

Now that I have a rough pattern written up I begin, yes you won't believe it, another sample! I follow along and try to fill in the holes I've left in the pattern. Mostly all the final bits, number of sleeve stitches for the cuff, final length, number of buttonholes, etc.

This pattern will then go to several designers (Friends of Cabin Fever) and they will take it and have their way with it. Me too. That's when the fun begins with pattern dictionaries, ideas you had in the back of your head, some design dredged up from memory that was appealing.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. There are the still the details to work out. Do the buttonholes look too far apart to you? I better just keep going, agonizing over the smallest of details sets in just about here and then someone will have to wrestle this away from me. When the sample is done I have one more chance to make some final decisions. I have a weekend deadline, I have to give the designers time to do their thing.
Back to the sample,
- Deb


  1. Deb, this is absolutely fascinating! I really hadn't a clue about the process involved in putting together a pattern. I've unvented my own sometimes, but never figured out other sizes etc. Very very interesting! Thanks for sharing it. :O) samm


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