Thursday 13 March 2008

Same Old, New Colour

I got tired of the yellow baby yokes and have now switch it up to gold. I think I am finally ready to write out the pattern but there is one final check in the works and I'm awaiting news. I gave my last yellow yoke, which I have sized at 6-9 months old, to Dana who has a customer at the yarn store she works at (Sheep Strings in Huntsville, ON) with an 8 month old baby. There will be a fitting this week. We want to check the neck opening which Dana suspects it's a little too small. I can adjust, I'm just waiting for the word. I am very, very tired of yellow yokes. I should have more stamina, I only knit about 8 of them, so here it is in gold.
Yes, I love the colour. Does this neck look too small for an 8 month old neck? (I think it looks a little bigger in the photo than real life, hmmm.)


  1. The other yokes were yellow??? My monitor told me they were white! :o) I have no idea if that neck is appropriate for an eight or nine month old. Trying it on one is the best way to be sure. Babies hate tight necklines. Me too. I have an eight month old grandson, Gael, if you want to mail me the yoke!!! OR drive to Toronto to borrow his neck for a minute. I'm sure Pam would let you. :O) samm

  2. I could get weary of yellow yokes as well. Except if they are Yolks on a breakfas plate. Cannot wait for the fitting and the final write up. We could have bacon and yellow yolks to celebrate. Let's do breakfast sometime. BBD


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