Monday 16 February 2009

1 or 2 colours

I tried another version of one of the hats I've already done. How would it look if we made this hat in 1 colour when it calls for 2?
One of my knitting students was asking for a hat for her guy. I thought this one in a dark colour would be it.
I really liked working the cable border. . .
which is worked back and forth around the bottom. It went quickly because in no time at all it's time to cross another cable.

I like it in one colour. I think K. is going to make it in dark gray. That will look terrific.



It's stopped raining here. But then on Friday I had to crawl in across the drivers seat to get to the passenger seat because all the car doors were frozen shut except for that one. Luckily there was one we could get open because the trunk was going to be the last resort.

Valerie, congrats on finishing your first sock. Welcome to the cult.


  1. Thanks for showing how the cable is attached while knitting! I assumed it was sewn on later (yuk) so this looks very do-able. And handsome too!

  2. It would look good in one colour as well. As for the rain/freezing car doors, that's why I don't lock doors anymore. I once had to crawl out of the back hatch.

  3. I love the cable edge. I have been looking for a new hat and this one is very different. One color is perfect. Now I just have to wait for the pattern to come out. In northern Wisconsin we wear a lot of hats. Great pattern.

  4. I really like how the cable border is done! I'd like one of those for me! samm


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