Friday 27 February 2009


It is totally me who needs the structure to get some idea of this booklet. I could throw all the hats up in the air and set up the order as they randomly fall and it would work as a book. But I need some sort of order, it makes me happy to see progress through the book. I looked at starting from the easiest to the more complicated but it didn't make as much sense to me as grouping them in sections did.
Starting on the far right, from bottom to top is the traditional section made up of a pillbox, a toque and a ribbed watch cap. Next are the 5 hats in the textured section, progressing on to the 5 multi-coloured hats and the final 2 are the flap caps. There will be changes but this definitely gives me something to get started with. I can also emphasize that the patterns are interchangeable. The fairisle hat could be knit with the coloured dots pattern and the cabled hat could be worked in the basketweave pattern (they have different brims and crowns).

We are not even close to being finished. I no longer wonder why books take 2 years for big publishers to release. This 40 page booklet is going to take a full 6 months from the initial idea to publication. We started in November and have to be finished by the end of April. But now I have a plan!


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