Friday 20 February 2009


It's up on, the Squiggle Sock pattern.
I know, I know, it takes us a while but there it is, finally. Do my toes look blue because it was really cold that day standing outside on the porch steps. Maybe models have a tougher life than it looks.
Meanwhile back at the ranch I have been, you guessed it, still knitting hats. I'm up to the Flap Caps now - there will be two of them. These are more complicated patterns because of the need to situate the flaps but they knit up very well and fit great. Ya gotta love the warm flaps.I found that the green didn't work so well here. Not enough definition between the green and the blue. So I substituted white instead. Which lifts the whole colourway and gives the hat a lighter look somehow. This is the very biggest size - 25" around, yikes it's big. But my son could wear this with his winter (big) hair.

Now I am into the colourwork hats. There are 3 more to do and they will be coming up next week because I have set myself a deadline of the end of the month to have everything edited and test knit. We'll see if I make it.



Hey, Jed, I don't think you were sitting by me at the back of the class in Relations and Functions math class. That's where all the action was.

Samm, the orange sweater is going nowhere at present. Probably headed for frogging. I don't think you want that one. I'm starting over in blue this time with lots of changes and we'll see how far I get this time.


  1. Well blue IS my favorite colour. I'd take the blue one. :) The Squiggles are great! I'd hate to be a model. They have to shave their legs even in winter. :) Of course you didn't have to for those pictures...... LOL The earflaps are very cosy looking. I'd love to make the one you have in the kids' hat book that goes down at the back of the neck. Is there an adult version of that? samm who thinks deorkic is a weird funny word but I'm typing it anyway.

  2. LOVE the earflap hat!!! Keep up the great knitting - it is almost time for the hat book to be completed isn't it?? Can't wait!!

  3. If I'd been sitting with you, maybe I'd be more help with my daughter's math homework !! Jed

  4. I am in love with that hat!


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