Tuesday 3 February 2009

back to sox

Back to our regularly scheduled program, socks. Samm named them 'pinecones' which is a great name. I am loving the little holes.I was going to do a traditional heel but now that I am ready to start I think I'm going to work the short row heel. I made these a little longer than I generally do, so to accommodate my calves I went up a needle size for the ribbing and the first 3 tiers of the pattern. I think you can see where it comes in on the sock. They fit really nicely. I will try this on more of my socks in future because these hug my ankles (which are narrow) but sit well on my calves (which are not). It's much easier to change the socks then it is to change me. Ha.



  1. So pretty. They still look like pinecones to me. :) I think it is better to have thinner ankles than calves, myself. Think about it the other way around! LOL samm

  2. I just love your "pinecone" sock and can't wait for the pattern. I am working towards the toe of my first sock and am really having fun with it!! This will definitely be an addiction!!!


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