Monday 18 May 2009

a little brag

Samm (from the comments) and I are bragging about finishing socks. Yay! Congratulations on finishing not one but two pairs Samm. We all know how the second sock syndrome can sneak in and steal some of our knitting self esteem. Always a triumph to beat it. So here is my pair.
Now that I finished those I can cast on for a new project, a sample of the Jane Austen Shawls which Lynda designed (it will be coming out very soon). It's fun and has lots of possibilites because it can be made by combining yarns to make up the chunky weight required by the pattern. I am using 2 DK weight mohair/wool blends, one variegated and one in a solid. The combination is lovely.

Knit on size 10mm/US15 so bound to be quick. Not much to see yet but stay tuned. Psst, is that a boo, boo there on the left? Yes I think so. To the frog pond for a dip.


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  1. Yay!!! Another has overcome the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome!!!!! The socks look wonderful. The shawl will be gorgeous,too. I love to combine yarns like that. Pretty colours you've chosen. Brag on! I'm waiting to see the finished shawl now. :) samm who is nearly a third through the Four Seasons Throw....


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