Monday 25 May 2009

Votes In

Lynda liked the last double crossing (which I personally liked the best too) so that's what's going on the sock.

I'm going to do some work on it over the next couple of days. I'm taking a little break, no particular reason, just seemed like a good time to get out of town and someone I know is headed east so I'm hitching a ride. I should have some knitting done when I get back.

See ya,


P.S. We are getting all our new patterns ready for the TNNA trade show in mid-June (Jane Austen shawl included). I'll launch them on the blog when we get back with photos and everything. Thanks for asking Elizabeth.


  1. Doublecrosser socks!? Love it!!!! And the cable is beautiful. :) samm

  2. Just got around to reading your blog, Debby, and am glad you are making this sock pattern looser. It wasn't that easy to knit as it was so maybe this one will be simpler. Must try it when you have it completed. Mom.


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