Sunday 31 May 2009


It sounded like someone was throwing sand at the house. What could this be - hail? There they are on my car hood. Not big pieces but coming in waves. What's the date again?
I took a break and went to Ottawa, Carleton University actually, to sneak a peek at my friend's world of academia. This was the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held once a year which draws academics from across Canada and the U.S. My friend is a sociologist. I sat in on 2 talks and was quite surprised at how much I understood, of course the two I attended were hand picked for me knowing that lots of these talks would be way over my head. But I got to see Dr. S in action and see the response she gets when she speaks. It was great and now I have faces to go with the names of the people she works with and a much better idea of how that world works. I spent most of my time here, at the Book Fair, where every University Press had their list of books on display, rows and rows of vendors with lots and lots of books. Ahh, it was amazing. And it's true that a change is as good as a rest!I think 'take a friend to work' is a great idea. I know that Dr. S is really keen on coming to a knitting trade show with me sometime. A large gathering of women entrepreneurs, what could be more fun than that.

So, no intricate knitting done, too busy listening intently, but I did manage half a sock. I've lost the tag for the wool, sorry. That's the problem with 100g balls, there is no second ball with the tag still on it to check.When I got home I was ready to get going on the Double Cross.
I am almost ready to begin the heel. It went very quickly and easily. There was enough pattern to keep me entertained and when I looked up I was surprised at how far I had come along. That's always a bonus. And I love this colour Brown (looks like chocolate to me) of Soft Touch Ultra from .


P.S. Commenters: Samm, this cable is fun. And Mom, you'll find this one much more enjoyable to knit.


  1. From Ottawa: Hard to believe that I had to wear a down coat and endure sleet (hail?) while planting lettuces on the last day of May! The only good thing--I got to wear wool today.

  2. 'Round here in Southern Ontario, not far from Niagara Falls, we have sweatshirt weather. My favorite kind!!! I think the sock is lovely! I wish you knew the name of that yarn, because it's gorgeous! And Double Cross is a super pattern. :) Is it going to be in dk weight too? I love dk weight socks.I'm sure I could figure it out. Happy knitting!! samm


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