Monday 29 June 2009


The alpaca is a pet no longer. It is the beginning of this scarf from knitspot. I love it because it is reversible with another pattern on the wrong side which makes wearing it, or rather arranging it around your neck, easier.
This one is also quite easy to memorize after a couple of repeats. I'm not especially good at this when knitting lace so was very careful to pick one I thought would work well for me. This is the reverse side. It works doesn't it?So now to my dilemma - what does the working knitter do for a holiday. We take the first 2 weeks of July off every year. And since knitting, designing and editing is my job and I would like to have a break from my job for a bit, what do I do with myself? Is it possible not to knit for 2 weeks? NO. So I have decided to knit patterns not connected with cabinfever. The scarf above is one and this shawl is a second one. It's a combination of the Forest Canopy shawl - really lovely and easy to knit, and the Evelyn Clark's book Knitting Lace Triangles .
All this seems like good summer knitting. How is your summer knitting coming along?
If you are looking for alpaca from you could contact Gail through her website. I don't know if she sells online or not but I'm sure you could work something out. Right now she stocks alpaca from Peru.

I will go up to Gravenhurst and take some pictures of the mill when it is running. I would like to see the alpaca which will be coming out of their operation. They are not using a Mini-mill as far as I know. They have bought equipment and had a millwright rework some of it for alpaca.
And yes, Jed, I do need to pay more attention to getting my camera out. You won't believe it but I actually had it with me in my bag. I was probably distracted by the thought of going for ice cream after the tour. Wool and ice cream in the same building - yum.

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