Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I am working on my shawl and decided to have some fun and morph the diamond shaped leaves
into elongated leaves...

by working the second last row of the repeat 2 times more. I don't think I worked it correctly at the edges but I figure that blocking will take care of that. I have to look at some more shawls and figure out how much more to do. I must be close to the end by now.


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  1. Mmmmmm, pretty! I like the elongation of the leaves. I'm struggling through my first lace, a cowl based on Old Shale pattern. You'd think I could count to ten. Duh. Didn't have pointy enough needles to do it with sock yarn as planned, but the ww one is looking pretty good if you don't look at one little spot... I'll get it. Then I will find needles to do the finer one. :) Looks like you've figure out lace just fine! samm


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