Thursday 4 June 2009

What if

Jennifer, at the knitting guild meeting on Tuesday evening, had a surprise for me.
She finished the Hurdy Gurdy out of the Baby V booklet in Lime, Electric Blue and Sky Blue. It's for Wendy's new grandbaby, who has not put in an appearance yet. The little sweater looks great! There may be a hat in the making too. This is going to be one loved baby which will be evident by the amount of knitting it will be wearing. And does Jennifer have a beautiful sweater on or what? She's a gorgeous knitter.

Hi Commenters. Welcome back Valerie, I hope your surgery is successful and you can pick up the needles again soon. And everyone else - no more fighting over my one sock! I didn't tell you all the gory details about this sock but I knit and ripped and knit and ripped that whole top section of the cable. I know, swatching sort of solves that but each time I was so sure I had the answer to my cabling question that I just went ahead. That section looks a little tired so I will have to knit 2 new socks for a pair. You realize I am totalling caving to your pressure to knit a second sock.
This is the sock under discussion.
It looks like you're all going to get another look at it in a couple of weeks.

But it's spring and it's time to play, right? So I am trying out a couple of things here. I tell knitters in my classes that when they knit top down they can make sleeves narrower if they need to, by simply stopping to work the increases on the sleeve early. If you would like the sleeve an inch narrower than the pattern calls for then stop increasing on the sleeves about 3 Increase Rounds before the pattern tells you to. Continue to increase on the Fronts and Back as per instructions. Remember if you're making this adjustment and you are figuring out how big you want your sleeve to be, that you are casting on stitches at the underarm which will become part of the sleeve - it's best to go to the Sleeve instructions and figure it out from there. OK, so what would happen if ... we went to the extreme and began with a really wide sleeve at the shoulder, like really wide, like 9" wide??I only worked the increases on the sleeves 8 times. Whoo, I couldn't believe it. I am past that point now and am only working the increases on the Fronts and the Back and working the broken rib pattern on the sleeves. I'll knit some more tonight and we'll see what's what tomorrow. Ha, ha.


  1. There should be no fight over the sock! Socks!? I think it's worth doing a second of that pattern for sure. :) Remember, you have all the problems solved. It won't take as long as the first one did. :) Think how warm they would be in winter!! The W word. Shouldn't be saying it at this time of year. :) samm

  2. Wow, thanks for the tip about the sleeves! I had just decided to frog a top-down short sleeve sweater because I didn't like the width of the sleeve. Now I'm going to just frog back a bit and try a narrower sleeve. Thanks!


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