Monday 22 June 2009

I'm back

I'm back and there is nothing like being in a small hotel room for 12 days to make me appreciate my small house, which is still bigger than a hotel room! We went to 2 different shows and in the middle I taught a top down class in Columbus Ohio at The Yarn Shop . An enthusiastic group of knitters with their teddy bear sized sweaters.

We discussed lots of alterations you can work to make to an adult sweater fit properly - waist shaping, A-line, bust darts, how to narrow the sleeves or make them wider, etc. That was lots of fun.
Joyce from The Yarn Shop and one of her staff, Barbara, in front of her store. It's very large with so many goodies it's hard to take it all in. I wish I could have take her book section home with me. It's amazing.

I did do some knitting. This is some new sock wool we are trying to develop with a dyer. It has blips in it. And yes, we put them in on purpose.

What do you think? I thought we might call it 'ice chips'. All this time she has been trying to get the blips out of her wool dyeing and I want to put them back in. I think they add some interest but not too much. I don't want to distract the eye from a lace or textured pattern which would be added on top of the colour. I have 2 more colours to try out.
Tomorrow our Knitting Guild is travelling to a nearby town for a tour of a new alpaca mill which is not in running operation yet but will be by the end of the summer. Should be interesting.
- Deb


  1. I vote for the blips. AND the alpacas.

  2. Which new alpaca mill would that be? I haven't heard of a new one except in Gravenhurst.


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