Sunday 2 August 2009

knitting surgery

I had been asked by a workmate of my husband's to see if there was anything I could do to resurrect this little guy.
He was knit by a grandmother and has passed through her 3 children. Doesn't he look well loved? I put the needles in as soon as I got him because there were open stitches in several places.
I unravelled him at the pink waist band and knit new pants for him. I stuffed him with the original parts I had removed. He's back in action but a little lumpier than he was. P took him to work today and I hope there was a happy reunion.
I am packing my bag to go to the cottage for 2 whole weeks. Yay. So far I have
the J jacket in the bag. This is knit in Cabin Fever Cottage Colours (that's appropriate no?), in rich red. I picked up one stitch for each ridge along the side of the Front panel, over the shoulder and down the side of the Back panel. I'm knitting the side of the jacket and then I will work down the sleeve to the wrist. It's interesting to work. Next I put in the silver scarf in the bag.
This is in alpaca laceweight I bought at Gateway Fibrework in Gravenhurst . It's so light and small it hardly takes up any room so I have some space for one more ball.
I have to knit this now because Bernice knit up a little bit and it's gorgeous. Check out for the beginning of a shawl in the black and white colourway. We both bought a ball of this fingering at Knitting Three Together shop in Huntsville a couple of weeks ago. There will still be room for a couple of balls of worsted weight to play with. I have a couple of ideas for changing up the raglan line of a top down which I want to try out. You might guess that this is a bit of a busman's holiday and you would be right. Here's hoping the weather is nice.

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  1. Thanks for explaining how you picked up the stitches, and what the yarn is. :) Happy knitting on your holiday! I'd like to go somewhere and knit too. Have fun!!! samm
    (my verification word is chiling... that is what you should be looking forward to doing...)


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