Saturday 1 August 2009


We both needed some TLC so 'the J' and I watched a 'oo7' movie and things are progressing nicely. Has anyone ever counted how many things 007 blows up or people he kills in any 10 minutes of the movie? We also watched all of the footage taken when they were making the movie and all of that was amazing. That's more than 1/2 of that side of the Front and Back done. I am working on both the Front & Back at the same time so the rows are long but I am progressing faster than I think. Mostly because all I look at is the Front.I am knitting sideways now from the top of the shoulder and soon, down to the wrist.

This is the first project I'm packing to take to camp next week (2 weeks at the cottage, yay). It's perfect for knitting while chatting to friends and family. I also have a 5 hour car trip to get there, an opportunity to garter stitch my way up north.



  1. The sweater will enjoy the time away too, I'm sure. Wishing you sunny skies and lots of knitting.

  2. See Deb. it is better with plenty of TLC. I am working on the sleeve now.

  3. Have you tried audio books while knittting garter stitch? For some Canadian content and a great listen, I recommend Louise Penny's mystery series set in the Eastern Townships. Better than videos, really. Great colour. What wool are you using?

  4. This is probably obvious, but did you pick up the stitches along that first scarf-like bit to add to it? It's very pretty, this sweater-to-be. Love the colour. :) samm


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