Thursday 5 November 2009

I love Wednesday's

On Monday, Deb and I drove up to Shelridge Farm to visit with Buffy & Don, to stock up with more yarn for the shop and to have further development talks with Buffy. We're working with Buffy to come up with a dye technique which she'll do just for us. It's great fun, sometimes frustrating and a very, very interesting exercise. While we were working with Buffy, Don was working in the kitchen and sent each of us home with an amazing, home-baked baguette. Al and I had ours with supper and I had the tiny leftover bit as toast the next morning. Wow, can Don bake bread!

I'm just testing knitting Shirl the Purl's new Beaded Mittlet in Shelridge Farm's W4 (worsted weight) in Cranberry. It's lookin' good!
If you're wondering why the title of this post is "I love Wednesday's" is because that's my day for working at home. Deb goes into the office and I get to sit quietly at home and work. It's hard to work (as in testing patterns or developing new patterns) in the office with customers coming in, the phone ringing, discussions with Sophy as she's packing up orders ... it's not really ideal. Naturally some days, like yesterday, I had to do work on the web site and answer emails but I also did get some work done (see above and below).

This is my progress on the lace shawl I'm doing in the Fibre-Isle's Lovit Cashmere (60% fine merino superwash, 30% Lyocell cellulose & 10% premium cashmere). It's lovely to work with.
I started the shawl with a leaf pattern (lower part) which is terrific to knit and easy to keep in your head. I used the first 50g ball doing the leaf, but I wanted to "open up" the pattern for the lower part of the shawl. So when I changed balls (and spliced the yarn so hopefully you won't see the join) I changed to the medallion pattern. Now this was just as I was going to bed, so I did the very clever transition pattern from Evelyn Clark and went to bed. This morning I had to get up at 6:00am just to sit and start the actual pattern. I am VERY pleased at how lovely it looks. Evelyn's transition means that one pattern actually flows into the next quite seamlessly. I am very impressed. I am going to get some of her books "Knitting Lace Triangles" for the shop as I think this is easily the best book I've seen for getting started.

OK, time to actually shower and get to work!


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