Friday 6 November 2009

Ready, Set

It's Friday evening and I'm knitting up a small sample for a class I'm giving tomorrow at the Grey Heron store in Collingwood ( We're going to do a top down teddy bear sweater and I've put in 3 different types of increases. They are all interchangeable. If the pattern calls for an increase which makes holes and you don't want them there are several other increases without holes which can be substituted.On the right side, close to the neckband are the holey YO's which are great increases because they are easy to see and easy to 'read'. Next are a set of closed increases (no holes) and close to the circular needle are increases which make small holes (my favourites). I hope the teddy bears that will be wearing these sweaters don't mind the change in the look of the raglan lines. I'm stopping here so that in class tomorrow I can show how the Divide for Body and Sleeve row works. I've packed the car with a couple of samples, printed off my class notes and set the alarm. Wait, a map. OK now . . . Go!


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  1. Hope you have a good day in Collingwood. There weather today is awesome, good for the long drive.


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