Friday 20 November 2009

Last Minute

I've finished the last test knit of the Last Minute Baby. At least that's what I'm calling it for now. Meant as a last minute gift and the vest option is very quick indeed. I've used 3 different needle sizes to determine 3 different sizes from newborn to 6 months old. I think this works well for a fast project. You may have noticed that finished for me excludes putting the buttons on, those will go on when I get to the official photo stage next week when it has to be really finished, a fine distinction. I've been carrying these around in my purse as a project to knit a round or two as catch can but I wasn't getting anywhere quick. So I sat down the last couple of evenings to catch up. Don't you love denim coloured wool?And for some fun knitting I'm working on this scarf and it is lots of fun. It's the scarf that was talked about a couple of years ago (yes, once again I'm late for the party). If you look for Brooklyn Tweed you'll find the scarf there

Take 2 balls of yarn which change colour throughout, start so that the colours don't match up (or use two different colourways for the best effect). I started with the inside of one ball and the outside of the second ball since they were the same colourway.

Cast On an odd number of stitches.

Row 1: work [K1, P1] to last stitch, K1.

Row 2: with yarn in front slip first stitch, work [K1, P1] to last 2 sts, K1, slip one.

Repeat 2 rows with second ball.

That's it, work 2 rows with yarn from one ball and 2 rows with yarn from second ball and see what happens with the colours. Easy but interesting.

Going on a knitting retreat this weekend, yay, and taking these two unfinished projects with me. Of course I will have no time since I'm taking 3 courses but how can I leave the house without several kinds of knitting in my bag! I'm hoping there's a hot tub.



  1. Hmmmmm now I think I will have to try that scarf again. I had thought I was the last knitter on the planet to knit it a couple of years ago!!! Glad to see you take that honour. :) I like your idea of the same colourway! I think I must try that. And yes, denim blue is my favorite colour. For anything. :) Beautiful socks! I love the little top down baby vest. Very practical and very cute on a baby, I'll bet. :) Knit on! I like to see what you're working on! :) samm

  2. Sorry about the hot tub Deb! Karen


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