Tuesday 5 January 2010

I decided today that I would get up really early to do my exploratory knitting because I had to leave the house at 8:30 to go curling. I'm really trying, for at least one week, to stick to my new plan of knitting to explore new ideas first thing in the day. My husband very nicely brought me coffee in bed at 6:30 when he left for work. How lovely, coffee in bed, read a little bit . . . to be abruptly awakened by a burning sensation!! Yes, I spilled hot coffee all over eveything. I'm fine but I did have to spend the afternoon at the laundromat washing 2 comforters and a sheet. The good news is I got buttonhole #5 done, yay!

That's snow on the sweater. I always think about taking pictures of the blog about 4pm and now adays it's dark in the house at that time so I ventured outside.

It's a little snowy here today.

My sweater is getting to be a nice length now.
The coffee woke me up enought to do my exploratory knitting but I couldn't get a decent photo of it. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I think of myself as an early morning person, but you've got me beat. 6:30am is w-a-y too early to be doing 'thinking' knitting.

  2. Join the club! I've been trying to take photos since Xmas but it's snowed every day since then here in Ottawa.


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